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ATTEN Single channel CC/CV switching-mode power supply KPS3050DA

ATTEN Single channel CC/CV switching-mode power supply KPS3050DA

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  • Single channel CC/CV
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Output Voltage: 0 ~ 30V
Output Current: 0 ~ 50A
Power Voltage: 220V±5% 50Hz (110V±5% 60Hz optional)
Operation condition: temperature 0℃~40℃ relative humidity <80%
Storage condition: temperature-10℃~70℃ relative humidity <80%
Output Power: 1500W
Size: 380×260×170 (L×W×H) mm
Output voltage: 0~30 V adjustable
Output current: 0~50 A adjustable
Power supply effect: CV≤0.01%+3mV CC≤0.1%+6mA
Load effect: CV≤0.01%+10mV(I≤10A) CC≤0.1%+6mA(I≤10A) CV≤0.01%+20mV(I>10A) CC≤0.1%+6mA(I>10A)
Ripple and noise: CV≤3mVr.m.s (5Hz~1MHz) CC≤10mAr.m.s
Voltage precision: ±0.5% rdg+2 bits
Current precision: ±0.5% rdg+2 bits
Digital display resolution: ±0.5% rdg+2 bits
High-voltage test: Leak current≤1mA (test condition: grounded input 1700VAC/2s)
Insulation resistance: insulation resistance≥7MΩ (Test condition: grounded input 500VDC/5s)
Working method: constant voltage/constant current
Protection types: current-limit lower voltage, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection for the whole operation process, strong load ability.
Cooling method:Fan
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