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Jensen Microphone Input Transformers JT-115K-E60

Jensen Microphone Input Transformers JT-115K-E60

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Ideal for FET or vacuum tube input amplifiers
Wide bandwidth: !3 dB at 2.5 Hz and 90 kHz
20 dB of voltage gain with Noise Figure of only 1.5 dB
Input impedance of 1.4 kΩ for loading loss of 0.9 dB
High common-mode rejection: 110 dB at 60 Hz
This transformer is packaged in double nested cans which provide 60 dB of
magnetic shielding to prevent hum pickup in "hostile" environments. The white
lead connects to the inner can and the white-black to the outer can. Although
physically larger, it is electrically identical to our standard
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Voltage Regulator

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